Aileen Headshot.jpg

Dr. Aileen O’Connor

Clinical Psychologist

Aileen is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked in a variety of clinical settings including HSE Primary Care, St. John of God’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Adult Mental Health, Student Counselling Services, Early Intervention and Adult Disability Services.

Aileen completed her doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PhD Clinical Psychology) in University College Dublin in 2019. Her doctoral research explored emotion regulation, resilience and mental health in parents of children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Condition. Prior to this she obtained an M.Phil and a PhD in Psychology and Education from the University of Cambridge, UK, where she examined and designed an intervention related to self-talk and the development of self-regulatory abilities in children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Condition. She graduated with a BA in Psychology, Sociology and Politics from National University of Ireland, Galway prior to this.

Prior to training in clinical psychology, Aileen supervised and taught students in the areas of experimental, cognitive and developmental psychology in the University of Cambridge. She also facilitated weekly groups for young adults with eating disorders.

Aileen has also worked with children diagnosed with autism, supporting families and children on a wide range of issues relating to behaviour, social and emotional development across multiple contexts. Aileen has a keen interest in furthering our knowledge and carrying out research to inform best practice. She has been involved in multiple international research projects relating to child development in the areas of play, social, emotional, cognitive development and education. In conjunction with two colleagues, Aileen has also written an international guide for policy makers on the topic of Quality in Early Childhood Education.

Aileen has completed training in the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2) and is also trained in the facilitation of the Parents Plus Programme for Adolescents and Children. 

Aileen has experience of carrying out assessments and therapeutic interventions with children and adolescents experiencing emotional, behavioural and developmental difficulties and has a keen interest in also considering the needs of caregivers and families as part of the process.