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Martina Boyle

Senior Speech & Language Therapist

Martina Boyle is a highly experienced Senior Speech and Language Therapist with over 8 years’ clinical experience. Since graduating from University of Limerick with a Masters of Speech and Language Therapy in 2009, she has worked across a range of clinical settings supporting children and adults with communication and swallowing difficulties in the UK and Ireland.


Martina is committed to providing high quality child-centred intervention with an emphasis on evidence based practice. She is passionate about working closely with families to set and achieve realistic goals and to ensure that they are involved in all aspects of their child’s therapy. 

Martina previously worked in HSE Primary Care Services and spent many years in Paediatric Primary Care working with children and adolescents with a range of communication difficulties including: articulation and phonological speech difficulties, receptive and expressive language difficulties including Specific Speech and Language Impairment, ADHD, mild-moderate intellectual disability, hearing impairments including children pre and post cochlear implantation, dysfluency/stammering and cleft palate and autism spectrum disorder.

 A large part of her role in Primary Care was instigating the Assessment of Need pathway for children with suspected autism spectrum disorder and or global developmental delay who were presenting to clinical services for the first time. Martina is passionate about getting appropriate support for families of children awaiting multi-disciplinary intervention. She worked closely with Early Intervention Team clinicians to provide parent training and clinical intervention to families of children awaiting ASD diagnosis. In addition she played a central role in the development of parent led speech groups for children with articulation delays.

Martina currently works in Beaumont Hospital as a Senior Speech and Language Therapist, where she works with children and adults presenting with acquired communication and swallowing difficulties.  She is registered with CORU and the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists.

Martina is committed to on-going continuous professional development has completed many postgraduate training courses including:

·       Hanen (It Takes Two to Talk; Learning Language and Loving It)

·       Lamh

·       Derbyshire

·       Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT)

·       Palin Stammering Courses (Parent Child Interaction Therapy; Primary School Children who Stammer  and An Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Children who Stammer.)

·       Early Intervention in Cleft Palate